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October 21, 2005


WolfSense ARG IAQ
Advanced Report Generator: Indoor Air Quality Edition

GrayWolf Sensing Solutions of Trumbull, Connecticut introduces sweeping new report generation software, which significantly enhances environmental report creation. The software operates with GrayWolf DirectSense mobile PC based IAQ, air velocity, VOC, particulate and toxic gas test monitors, and with GrayWolf's Zephyr (pressure) and Surveyor (IAQ) classical line instruments.

Detailed Indoor Air Quality and general environmental reports can be generated efficiently for specific site surveys. A Template Design Wizard walks the user through report set-up:

  • Define how to display measured data (CO2, CO, Ozone, %RH, VOCs, and much more).
  • Select from a list of government and industry guidelines to include for each parameter.
  • Choose from and edit canned text blocks with general IAQ background info.
  • Automatically insert notes taken in the field on the mobile PC; text, drawings, photos.
  • Create and insert graphs with comments, alarm/guideline lines.
  • Add equipment descriptions/specs/photos, probe calibration info, company information/logos and much more.

Multiple templates may be created and stored for varied applications, such as school, hospital, office high-rise, residential or other IAQ surveys. Additional templates may be constructed for laboratory fumehood, HVAC balancing, worker exposure, or other environmental evaluations. Once a template is defined, simply download specific site data and notes from the mobile PC, and then edit appropriate text blocks such as "Conclusions & Recommendations". Detailed, advanced reports are produced in minutes rather than hours.

For more information please contact:

Rick Stonier
Mgr, Sales & Marketing
GrayWolf Sensing Solutions
12 Cambridge Dr
Trumbull, CT (USA) 06611

  • Advanced Report Generator: Indoor Air Quality Edition Brochure (Adobe Acrobat PDF file)
  • Advanced Report Generator Web Page
  • Advanced Reporting

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